Windows 7 - Auto filling across multiple worksheets

Asked By Pililuk on 08-Aug-12 12:43 PM
Having just started a new job i have come across a problem that im not
too sure how to solve.
Essentlly i have an invoice and quotes spreadsheet with alot of entrys
for invoices to the same company.
I wish to have an additional sheet for each company aswell as the main
page that has all the invoices for every company.
So far i have manual transfered about half of the data but was wondering
if theres a method to firstly have it automatically add the old data to
the right sheets.
Secondly if i was to add a new invoice would it be posible to have it
automatically add to the right companys sheet.


Spencer101 replied to Pililuk on 08-Aug-12 01:29 PM
Pililuk;1604439 Wrote:


Yes it is possible.  Either via VBA (I would not know where to start
helping you with that) or with a formula approach.

It may mean the addition of at least one helper column but it could be
hidden away so it does not cause confusion.

If that is acceptable, you will need to provide some sample data (with no
sensitive data included).  Either post it here or email it to *pubnut @
gmail . com* (without spaces and I will see if I can provide a working
example for you.