Windows 7 - Address fields in columns...

Asked By Nick_GB on 11-Aug-12 07:31 PM
Hi - one day i'll be able to help but alas my excel quest leads me to
learn rather than coach until that time comes, i need your help.

i have 10,000 names and address in a .txt form which i need to import
into excel, save as a .csv. The names are formatted as below:

Name :         fred blogs
address:       1 the street
addres 2:
address 3: Derby

plus the usual fac line etc...

(10000 times in column a1:b1)

how am i able to have the data under one heading and 10000 rows....?

your help would make me very happy!!



Spencer101 replied to Nick_GB on 12-Aug-12 07:21 AM
Nick_GB;1604546 Wrote:

Hi Nick,

Can we have some before and after dummy data in Excel format?
Makes it far easier to help.


Spencer101 replied to Nick_GB on 13-Aug-12 08:40 AM
Nick_GB;1604557 Wrote:

Hi,  it helps sort of.  The reason I asked for dummy data in Excel
format was so I could see the exact layout.  Just would have sped things

Is there a blank row (or rows) between ach person?
Is the layout consistent throughout? i.e. 7 rows do data and then a
blank / blanks? Or could this vary through the data?

Spencer101 replied on 13-Aug-12 11:30 AM
Nick_GB;1604572 Wrote:

I would have thought the postcode being in the same row as the second
line of the address would cause more problems than that row having no

But, before I can provide a solution, I will be needing some sample data
in Excel format.  You can add an XLS or XLSX file to a compressed file
(or use WinZip if you have it) and then attach that here.

I really cannot do much at all with the text examples you have posted


Nick_GB replied to Spencer101 on 13-Aug-12 10:46 AM
Spencer101;1604565 Wrote:

Very qood point - me being special

This is the format (exactly) as it is in the TXT file.


Name:			Fred Blogs
Date Of Birth:		01/07/1999
Address:		1 New Street
Newtown Sussex AB1 2CD
Phone:			0123 456789


Name:			Janet Blogs
Date of Birth		01/06/1980
Address:		1 Old Street
Newtown Sussex DC2 1BA
Phone:			0987 654321


I know the second address line has no heading and this is going to cause
me problems!