Windows 7 - Using filters for a scheduling worksheet

Asked By JenIT on 13-Aug-12 03:02 PM
I am trying to use advanced filtering and whatever else I need to make this=
work.  I have a list of names that are scheduled on various days of the we=
ek.  I need to be able to see this in multiple ways and have the views easi=
ly changed for lay users.   First I need to see a list of all the available=
staff and all the possible shifts (col A).  Unfilterd view. =20
2nd I need to be able to see only the people scheduled on Say Monday - that=
I have accomplished by an easy drop down filter by the day - but the other=
days then do not show people if they are not schedule for that day.
But then as an overall I want to be able to EVERYONE who is on ANY schedule=
for the week.  This will give me a list of all schedule people.  Basically=
I need to each day filter out the blanks when I want a daily view - and th=
en when I want the week view I need to filter out only Everything blank.=09
Here is my list of data - when the overall filter is working, I should not =
be seeing sam.  I hope this makes sense. =20

Name	DEPARTMENT	Sunday		Monday		Tuesday	Wednesday=09
Sched	Arrived	MON Sch	Arrived	Sched	Arrived	Sched	Arrived
John	INBOUND			IN-1	 			=09
Jane	OUTBOUND		OUT-1		OUT-1		OUT-1=09
Sally	OUTBOUNDOUT-1	OUT-1	OUT-1		=09
Dick	OUTBOUNDOUT-1						=09
Spot	OUTBOUND				OUT-1		OUT-1=09
Sam	OUTBOUND							=09
Suzie	OUTBOUND		OUT-1				OUT-1=09
George	OUTBOUND		OUT-2		OUT-2		OUT-2=09