Windows 7 - VBA "Find" with multiple criterion

Asked By KeriM on 13-Aug-12 11:48 AM
I am trying to do a somewhat complicated find in VBA.

I have a worksheet with column B having only two different values (eg. a
and b). Column C has values that repeat for each value for column B.
(eg. 1 and 2). The values that I want to return are in columns E and F.

So what I am trying to do is this:

If columns B and C equal "a" and "1" (respectively), then subtract the
values in E and F (on that row where the columns equal) and return that
result on another worksheet.

Repeat for all the different combinations...a1, a2, b1, b2.

To illustrate:


Column B | Column C                Column E | Column F

a             1                   70            50
a             2                   80            30
b             1                   60            20
b             2                   40            20


I want to find a1 and write "20" in another worksheet.

Sorry if this is an overly long explanation, I feel like it is confusing
to explain. Let me know if anything needs to be clarified. As always,
any help is appreciated!


Bruno Campanini replied to KeriM on 13-Aug-12 09:26 PM
KeriM brought next idea :

Well, following your example you will get the values:
to be written in another worksheet.

Don Guillett replied to KeriM on 14-Aug-12 01:18 PM
Send file to dguillett1 with this msg and a complete explanation with examples.