Windows 7 - Calculated % completed by date

Asked By kp56 on 08-Aug-12 03:29 PM

I need to calculate the earned value on a project, and for that I need
to enter the percent complete based on date.

So if a project begins 3/1/2012 and ends 9/1/2012, based on today's date
what percent complete is it?

Thank you!


joeu2004 replied to kp56 on 08-Aug-12 05:32 PM
If the start date is in A1 and then end date is in A2, perhaps the following
will meet your needs:

=(TODAY() - A1) / (A2 - A1)

formatted as Percentage.
Spencer101 replied to kp56 on 08-Aug-12 04:31 PM
kp56;1604443 Wrote:

Assuming your start date is in A2 and end date in B2, try
*=(TODAY()-A2)/(B2-A2)* in C2 and format as percentage.

If the end date has passed you will get odd results, but you could avoid
that with something like...
Let me know if that is what you need, or indeed if it is not what you
meant at all.