Windows 7 - Formula not being Friendly

Asked By Mujer on 09-Aug-12 01:32 AM
Hi Guru's.

My lovely spread sheet has been working nice for the past couple of
weeks and is now playing funny buggers.

I have a formula calculating a countdown timer
(Cell I6)    =IF(VALUE(G6)<H6,”Breached”,VALUE(G6-H6))   (displayed as
Breached or 1:24:26)
(Cell G6)  is the Due Date (displayed as 28/02/2012 15:13)
(CellH6)   is Todays date (displayed as 28/02/2012 15:13)
Now what has started to happen randomly is that when the countdown gets
to 0:00:00 Rather than displaying Breached it is adding 24:00:00
Or we have a due date of 10/08/2012 15:52
Todays date as 09/08/2012 15:19
And the calculation is showing 0:33:29

What is going wrong… It is really doing my head in.

So I have somewhat found why it is playing up in that it is only
calculating the hours until the time counts down (not taking the date
into account as it was formatted as time)

I tried Formatting the Cell to be Custom [H]:mm:ss - Which then gives me
the cumulative... But I cant figure out where to work "Workdays" into
the formula. And also making this change has also broken my conditional

I have attached the spread sheet for anyone who can help me figure this

|Filename: Watch List Data v1                                 |


Living the Dream replied to Mujer on 09-Aug-12 06:36 AM


You do not need to use the Value() in the time formula.
It works just as well without.



Unless you have a 3rd logic eg Low, Medium & High ( of which you only
use Low/Medium), you will only need to do this:


And Lastly

In the format screen, select Custom and copy this in

d "Days", hh:mm:ss

It will display 5 Days, 10:20:20

Mujer replied to Living the Dream on 12-Aug-12 10:31 PM
Thanks Mick. That has fixed the count down.

Excel 2007 keeps putting Value into the formula automatically... weird
but I will leave it be.

I am still stuck with the conditional formatting as I have that based on
the time only and I’m not sure how to modify the formula to take the
day’s component into account.

I am trying to get the following to work:
•If the due date has passed: =I1=”Breached”
•9hrs or less until Breach:  =AND(I1<>”Breached”,MOD(I1,1)<=0.3375)
•Between 9:00:01 and 15:00:00:
•Between 15:00:01 and 30:00:00:
•Greater than 30:00:00:     =AND(I1<>”Breached”,MOD(I1,1)>1.25)


Living the Dream replied to Mujer on 13-Aug-12 07:16 AM

Rule 1. =I1="Breached"
Rule 2. =I1<=0.375
Rule 3. =IF(I1<=0.625,AND(I1>0.375))
Rule 4. =IF(I1<=1.25,AND(I1>0.625))
Rule 5. =I1>1.25