Windows 7 - Matching people to skills.

Asked By NigelG on 10-Aug-12 02:23 PM
Hello,  Apart from being a casual user of Excel, using a Forum is also
new so, if you feel I have posted this query in the wrong place please
advise. Thanks.

A group of us (75 people) volunteer FOC to marshal and support motor
events - racing, rallying etc. As a group, we have a number of different
skills (50 approx) - fire fighting, cutting, electrical, mechanical etc
at 3 different levels of experience - beginner, intermediate and
advanced. We group these skills together into 'packages' e.g. ‘Rescue’
includes 4 skills some of which are also used in other ‘packages’ So,
down my left column I have 75 people and across the top line I have 20
'Packages' with about 5 skills in each one - I have a separate column
for each skill which I hide or unhide using??? I think its called
grouping i.e. I click the + above the Heading and the other columns
appear – technical explanation not great!

Ok, now my problem - when a person moves from beginner to semi skilled
in say fire fighting and I update their individual record, I would like
Excel to automatically update all the ‘packages' that this skill is
included in. i.e. instead of me having to open up each package and then
update the ‘skill’. Or, do I need to use Database instead.?

If the above doesn’t make sense please tell me and I will try harder!
Thank you for your help, Nigel


Spencer101 replied to NigelG on 10-Aug-12 03:20 PM
NigelG;1604502 Wrote:

Hi Nigel,

I think it makes sense but would be far easier to help out if we could
see an example workbook.

Feel free to anonymise it by just turning them into "name 1", "name 2"

NigelG replied to Spencer101 on 11-Aug-12 08:38 AM
Spencer101;1604503 Wrote:

Hi Spencer, Firstly, many thanks for taking the trouble to reply, much
appreciated. Next, I am confused - as suggested I have just tried
uploading a stripped down version of the workbook but xls files are not
accepted according to the 'manage attachment'. Am I doing something
wrong?! Or do I need to convert the workbook into a word doc first?

Living the Dream replied to NigelG on 11-Aug-12 11:52 PM
Hi Nigel

You have to upload it to a File Sharing site such as ExcelBanter or
similar site. You cannot attached files in NG's.