Windows 7 - Have the SUMIF result (formula) on a separate sheet/tab

Asked By jensfrees on 10-Aug-12 04:57 PM
My knowledge in excel is rather basic, but I did figure out how to make
a SUMIF function work. My problem is that I can only make it work when I
keep the formula on the same sheet where the numbers are. I would like
it to be on a second tab (sheet). I have tried to insert Sheet1!, but it
does not work. This is my little formula - could anyone possibly help my
out? Thanks in advance!



joeu2004 replied to jensfrees on 10-Aug-12 10:57 PM

Since you do not show how you inserted Sheet1, we cannot tell you what you
did wrong.  Try:

Spencer101 replied to jensfrees on 11-Aug-12 01:48 AM
jensfrees;1604518 Wrote:

The easiest way is rather than typing the cell ranges in, use the mouse
to select them.  So type in =SUMIF( then use the mouse to select the
range.  If that hapens to be on a different worksheet or even in a
different workbook, Excel will add the required symbols to the formula
for you.