Windows 7 - Condtional Formatting or LOOKUP ?

Asked By Rob Lewis on 14-Aug-12 05:29 AM
Good morning all,

Attached is a snapshot of part of a vineyard mapped out on one sheet and
data relating to that vineyard on another.
I am Really struggling to work out how to show the various ailments of a
particular vine on the map.  My first thought was a simple conditional
format so; if a vine had 'red leaf' and that was logged against the
vine, it would show red on the map sheet. However, what happens when a
vine has red leaf AND another condition, shown in a different column.
When you view the sheet you will understand what I mean.
The objective s to be able to look for patterns in the data, or how an
ailment is trcking across the vineyard.
I considered havng a seperate 'map' sheet for each bit of data but this
will not allow the layered view I was hoping for.
If this is possible somehow I also wondered whether a 'filter' would be
able to be used on the map, so that i can select which ailments are
Any help gratefully received as I am supposed to present this data to
the bosses by tomorrow !   Thank you

|Filename: data.jpg                                                 |
|Filename: map.jpg                                                  |

Rob Lewis

Don Guillett replied to Rob Lewis on 14-Aug-12 01:10 PM
Might be easier if you attach EXCEL file