Windows 7 - Delete duplicate cells in a row based on the best price in anothercell from another row

Asked By The Riot on 10-Aug-12 12:27 PM
I have the following information:

CUSIP	       A Sz(M)	A Px
313380FJ1	29000	100
313380FJ1	14000	100
313380FJ1	25275	100
3133EAH68	48000	99.925
3133EAH68	46200	99.925
313380F44	19000	100
313380F44	23000	100
3133EAH27	29000	99.825
3133EAH27	9535	99.844

I have duplicate cells in the CUSIP column of which I want deleted based on (#1) the lowest price in the "A PX" column. If the price turns out to be the same for each then I would like to keep the cells in the column with highest "A Sz"

Thanks for your help.

Don Guillett replied to The Riot on 11-Aug-12 09:54 AM
You need a more complete explanation and examples.
send me your file dguillett if desired