Windows 7 - Screen Capture results not good

Asked By we on 09-Aug-12 04:28 PM
I am using XP SP3, and trying out screen captures,  using Snagit V7 to
capture a video clip as it is playing from Youtube.

Works fine, except I am not happy with the  quality when I play the
result.   The graphics are very obscure, opaque and indistinct.  The
Youtube clip seems quite better.

I am wondering if I did not set something right when I did the
capture.  I seem to be losing quality as I go through the Snagit

Can anyone suggest something this novice can try in order to get a
better result?  I have obtained the same bad results on three
different machines.



David H. Lipman replied to we on 09-Aug-12 04:37 PM
Use VLC Media player and just download the YouTube video to a MPG file.

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J. P. Gilliver (John) replied to we on 09-Aug-12 06:35 PM

You do not say which browser you are using to access YouTube. If  it is
Firefox, I suggest getting the plugins DownloadHelper (works with many
sites), and/or Easy YouTube Video Downloader (I suspect works only with
YouTube, but is somewhat easier to use). Or probably many others.

I do not know Snagit, but if my guess that it is a general-purpose
grab-what-you-see-on-screen (or part of screen), like Debut Video
Capture and doubtless many others, is correct, then it should be the
last thing to try to capture embedded video, when all else has failed.
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we replied to J. P. Gilliver (John) on 10-Aug-12 07:10 PM
I was,  and am using Firefox 14.0.1.

As it stands, I downloaded and tried Camtasia V8 screen capture.  It
did a much better job - the results seem okay so far.  Both in XP and
W7.  So much for Snagit.


Char Jackson replied to we on 10-Aug-12 08:19 PM
If you are trying to download youtube videos, you are completely going
about it the wrong way if you are trying to grab what is on your screen.
There are plenty of ways to just download the video rather than going
through those hoops.
glee replied to Char Jackson on 11-Aug-12 07:34 AM
Exactly!  Why anyone would use a screen capture utility to save YouTube
videos is beyond me.  SnagIt is a perfectly good screen capture app when
used correctly... its video capture is just a subset of Camtasia, and is
only designed for low quality video capture of movement on the computer
screen, not for quality capturing of actual videos playing on-screen.
Folks should try RTFM once in a while...
Glen Ventura
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we replied to Char Jackson on 11-Aug-12 07:37 AM
I agree, but I found that some videos would not download using the
apps offered to do same.  For me anyhow.

What app do you use to download a Youtube or other videos?  Maybe one
I have not tried?

David H. Lipman replied to we on 11-Aug-12 07:57 AM
Did you see my reply on the 9th ?

Have you tried that ?

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we replied to David H. Lipman on 11-Aug-12 09:25 AM

I have Vlc, and have used it in the past to play videos.
My problem is downloading the videos.
I just installed Freecorder 5 and 6.  Neither gave me a tool bar in my
Firefox 14.0.1.  And so, I cannot do what the Freecorder
helps/tutorials say to do.

Freecorder was first in my Google results, and so I tried it.  I will
try another downloader.

Stupid me.

David H. Lipman replied to we on 11-Aug-12 10:16 AM
media --> open network stream

Provide URL

In the bottom corner of the dialogue, choose "Convert"

In the destination file location provide path and name to file being recorded

Under "settings" choose the profile of the media type.

Click on "edit the selected profile" to choose the ecapsulation and coding format.

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Char Jackson replied to we on 11-Aug-12 11:00 AM
The one I use is called Easy Youtube Video Downloader 6.4. (Easy to
find in the Firefox add-on store.) So far it works perfectly, but
there are lots of other apps that also reportedly work for this task.
Bill in Co replied to glee on 11-Aug-12 03:24 PM
Just use those plug-ins for Firefox or Pale Moon and you can do it almost
directly.   it is a LOT simpler.  And there are several good choices out
there.  (Download Helper is one)
Bill in Co replied to we on 11-Aug-12 03:26 PM
Did you try Download Helper, OR Good Old YouTube Downloader?  They both work
great over here.  it is not an app - it is a plug-in for Firefox or Pale Moon.
we replied to Bill in Co on 12-Aug-12 05:59 AM
Thanks all.

Probably my dumbness, but I found that I could not get any downloaders
I tried (and I tried several) to work except for YTD at
for what it is worth.

Zai Jien
Bob CP replied to we on 12-Aug-12 08:44 AM
In Firefox, go to

Click on "Install the extension"

Once the extension is installed (I think it requires restarting
Firefox), right-click on a blank area of Firefox's menu bar.

Drag the Downloadhelper icon (or text) where you want it on the menu
bar.  Close the Customize window.

Click on the Extension button.
Set the DownloadHelper options, so that you know where the files will be

Next time you open a youtube or Vimeo video, a small down-arrow will
show next to the DownloadHelper icon.  Click on the arrow and select the
mode.  Save the file.  DownloadHelper will continue to save the video,
even if it closed on the screen.  Note that while D.H. works with most
sites, it cannot grab all of them.  You can tell by the absence of the
Bill in Co replied to Bob CP on 12-Aug-12 03:04 PM
Good points - and I bet that is what the OP was missing, too.
When you click on the link to install these FF extensions, I believe most of
them will then proceed to download it, and after its downloaded, you will then
see a small notice appear that says "restart now", to get it installed.
we replied to Bob CP on 12-Aug-12 07:17 PM
For what it is worth, I see no such phrase on my screen (Firefox
v14.0.1).  Tell me where it is.  And I do not care to install still
another app to scan my computer for errors.    Another of many.  Gad
there must be a hundred.

Bob CP replied to we on 12-Aug-12 08:31 PM
Look in the middle of that page.  You'll see

DownloadHelper is a way to discover many sites showing Web videos from
all around the world. They are here !
DownloadHelper is also a free Firefox extension for downloading and
converting videos from many sites with minimum effort. _Install the
extension !_

Note the last sentence.