Windows 7 - Cutting+pasting from different partitions messing up the folder timestamp

Asked By Industrial One on 09-Aug-12 07:12 PM
Since I switched back to my installation from my old HDD to this new comput=
er, I have noticed a couple things different on here besides the relievingly =
faster speed and lack of malware: cutting a folder from a different partiti=
on/HDD onto this one updates the creation and mod dates to the current date=
, which I wanna avoid.

This did not happen on my messed up partition or on a fresh VM install. Is t=
his a customizable setting, if so where is it?

Bill in Co replied to Industrial One on 09-Aug-12 10:29 PM
Then that is a new one on me.  The ONLY time the folder date/timestamps have
NOT changed is if I cut and paste a folder within the SAME partition.  And I
guess that makes sense, since if you move a folder to a new *partition* or
hard drive, you ARE creating a new folder, as far as it is concerned.
Industrial One replied to Bill in Co on 09-Aug-12 11:40 PM
Correction, this anomaly happens on the fresh install as well. Its only on my installation that I am running from which preserves timestamps correctly. I guess the default setup is to not preserve timestamps from different partitions/drives. Damn.