Windows 7 - Search feature looks like from Windows 2000

Asked By Industrial One on 09-Aug-12 07:58 PM

Left one is my current drive, the right one is a fresh install on a VM, the way a Search should look like in Windows XP. Both using the same default theme.

How do I get my left one to look like the right? It frequently fails to find files that do exist on the drive, does not display progress/where it is searching and does not let me search by file type. I want to restore functionality.

Nil replied to Industrial One on 09-Aug-12 08:29 PM

You turned off the Search Assistant on the left picture. I do not know
of any way to turn it back on with the standard Windows interface. It
needs a registry edit to bring it back. However, you can use the
Microsoft utility TweakUI to do it. The option is [Explorer | Use
Classic Search in Explorer].

Microsoft has it listed on their downloads site, but the link seems to
be dead or broken. it is still available here:

I think you are doing something wrong if Classic Search is not finding
you files. it is at least as accurate as the Search Assistant. I use
other search tools these days because they are a lot faster, but I used
Classic Search for years with no particular problem. Be sure to take
advantage of the Advanced Search options. And it DOES indicate
progress, right down there in the Status Bar, and it DOES have a check
box for file type, as well as a Name text box where you can indicate a
file extension. The functionality is all there, and you do not have to
put up with that stupid dog.
Paul in Houston TX replied to Industrial One on 09-Aug-12 10:03 PM
You may want to consider dumping Windows search and
installing "Search Everything".  IMO, its much better.
Industrial One replied to Nil on 09-Aug-12 11:26 PM

The classic search was already unchecked on TweakUI. I tried checking then =
unchecking and it changed nothing.

I cannot select advanced search options because they give no option to searc=
h by file type and it does NOT show progress while it is searching. I never =
said my search was the classic search but that it looked like it. I have not=
used this installation for 4 years so I do not remember how this came to be=
. I think it was always this way.

Paul, I already have an overflow of custom 3rd party programs for many thin=
gs that Windows should do just as well if not better. I do not need yet anot=
her one. I do not use search that often anyway, and when I do it only takes =
a few seconds to get what I want.
Paul replied to Industrial One on 10-Aug-12 12:24 AM
I used the picture you provided, snipped a piece out of it,
and uploaded the snippet to Google image search. The first
search gave garbage (even Olympic highlights). But there
was a dialog to add words as well, so I added "Windows Search",
and this is what popped up. This article has three registry
entries, and maybe something here will help.

There is always a danger as well, of the Windows add-on search
packages getting bunged into the machine, which can give
some different results. But I do not know all the names of
those. I see references to "Windows Desktop Search" and
the defaults (perhaps they make changes to the Registry
during installation).

Unk replied to Industrial One on 10-Aug-12 12:35 AM
Old Style Search Engine On/Off (Line 49, Left Column)

Industrial One replied to Unk on 10-Aug-12 12:59 AM
I have tried both your suggestions and they failed. I did not restart yet but it did not say a restart was required so...
Nil replied to Industrial One on 10-Aug-12 02:06 AM

What do you suppose that clearly-visible check box labled "File Type"

Turn on the status bar.

Use the Advanced Options.

Wait until the entire drive is indexed.
Industrial One replied to Industrial One on 12-Aug-12 03:39 AM
Gotcha, it all works now. I still wish I could get the regular, modern interface back but meh.