Windows 7 - Utility To Micro-Position Windows Via Keyboard?

Asked By (PeteCresswell) on 13-Aug-12 12:25 PM
I have got an app that puts up several windows that I want
sort-of-tiled, but it is very tedious doing it via Drag-Drop and
it is windows do not support "System Menu"... i.e. hitting Alt +
Space does not do anything.

Seems like it might be possible to write a little utility that,
once it has a handle to a window, allows the user to
size/position said window via keyboard's arrow keys.

Or might this be something already built into Windows (like maybe
Accessibility keyboard shortcuts...) and I am just too clueless to
know about it?   I looked at, but nothing jumped out at

If not already built in to Windows, does anybody know of such a
Pete Cresswell

VanguardLH replied to (PeteCresswell) on 13-Aug-12 04:55 PM
If you want the windows tiled then why not tile them?  Right-click on
the Windows taskbar (unused area) and select "Tile Windows <direction>".
Sorry, but "sort of tiled" does not explain what you really want.

Another method is to open Task Manager, select multiple apps under the
Applications tab, and use the Windows menu to tile those specifically
selected windows.

Applications that are not resizable (e.g., Calculator) obviously will not
tile.  Tiling requires resizing.  If the windows for your unidentified
apps do not have a system menu, are you sure they can be resized?

Commands Do Not Work"
(PeteCresswell) replied to VanguardLH on 13-Aug-12 08:36 PM
Per VanguardLH:

Wasn't intended to bc what I want may differ from day-to-day
depending on which monitor I am using for which other tasks.


The windows in question can definitely be resized bc I do it
tediously via mouse.

I think I will try to lean on the developer to add the System menu
to these windows.... Not sure if the functionality can be added
without the menu icon... but that would probably be the best from
his perspective.
Pete Cresswell