Windows 7 - Win 7 professional, language change?

Asked By sonnichjense on 13-Aug-12 06:11 PM

I got a new computer with Win 7 professional in Danish - how can I change that to English?

Under "regional settings" (international settings) I can select a languege for "non english" programmes, which - should be english?

on there are updates, but they start to run, then stop and nothing happens. In the task manager they are for a moment, they go away - no information given

What can I do?


Good Guy replied to sonnichjense on 13-Aug-12 08:11 PM
You need to install an English version of Windows 7.  I do not think
changing the language settings and keyboard layout is going to make any

You will get an authoritative response if you post to the Windows 7

Good luck.

Good Guy
Paul replied to sonnichjense on 14-Aug-12 12:38 AM
The keyword I search for is "MUI". I have no idea what it means,
but it has something to do with language packs.

Note the limitations on what the free versions can be installed on.
That might be why your attempt is failing - it could be
the version of Windows which is a problem.

More here, on MUI.


An alternative, would be to look for a Windows 7 DVD to download. Since
Windows 7 is sold for immediate download (no media), you can get legitimate
images off the web. For example, use a search engine and look for
X17-24209 (which is 64 bit Windows Home Premium English SP1), or
X17-24208 (which is 32 bit Windows Home Premium English SP1). The
downloads come from places like digitalriver, and have sizes of
3,319,478,272 bytes and 2,563,039,232 bytes. They're pretty large
downloads and take a while. The web pages where these are listed,
will list a few different SKUs. I selected those two, as they are
closest to what my laptop uses.

Your new computer, may have a COA (certificate of authenticity) on
a sticker, located somewhere on the computer. Some laptops, even
hide the sticker in the battery bay. The license key in there,
is different than the license key of the installed OS. Before doing
anything, you would  make sure you had a backup copy of whatever was
already on the laptop, for later when you want to resell the laptop
to someone else. The license key on the COA, is supposed to allow
you to use another installer DVD, to do the W7 installation. So you
could try locating a free download version (from an official Microsoft
seller, not from hackers), and try doing a reinstall with that.
That way, perhaps you can install a "localized English" version,
which would be better than a "MUI added" version.

Good luck,