Bonnie replied on 27-Mar-07 07:12 PM
Thank you- I tried that already and it did not work. However, I did a reboot
on my system, and everything is working now. Ghosts in the machine I

Windows 7 - lost directX device

Asked By Bonnie on 27-Mar-07 08:02 PM
I've just purchased a new computer with Vista- my standard games(free cell,
mah jongg, hearts...) were all working fine, but now I get a critical error
message 'failed to create directX device' when I try to open any of them.
What's wrong, and how do I fix it?
JoeL replied on 27-Mar-07 08:44 PM
Go to Microsoft web site and download DirectX 10 you can find it under the
download section.
Dale White V64 replied on 27-Mar-07 11:03 PM
Where the heck, do you see the option to download DX 10 ?
Dustin Harper replied on 27-Mar-07 11:36 PM
Under the Future section of Web 5.0. :-)

I don't think they offer DX10 as a direct download, as Vista has it
pre-installed, and it won't work with Vista.

As for the solution to the problem, it may be video driver related. You
might try reinstalling the video drivers for your video card. It may have
had a Windows Update that installed and messed them up.

Dustin Harper

Dale White replied on 28-Mar-07 06:51 AM
Actually, she posted that a reboot fixed the problem.  I kinda thought
people already knew to dothat first, for every problem :\

And didn't you mean.."Vista already has it pre-installed, and it won't work
with XP ?" Or are you telling us dirty little secrets about Vista and
DX10...hmmmm ?
Dustin Harper replied on 28-Mar-07 11:44 AM
Yes, that's what I meant! :) Saw that this morning after reading over it.

I thought rebooting was one of the first steps for troubleshooting things
like that as well. :)

Dustin Harper

Ludwig replied on 28-Mar-07 12:26 PM
My understanding is that Dirextx 10 will not be available for WindowsXP
there fore making WindowsXP a defunct O.S.
Dustin Harper replied on 28-Mar-07 12:57 PM
It won't work with XP. DX10 is only available for Vista due to major kernel
changes. Making it for XP would be too big of a project, and would pretty
much upgrade XP to Vista in the process.

So, if you want to play DX10 games you will need Vista. And after seeing
some of the videos and screenshots of some, why wouldn't you!? :-) If you
haven't heard of Crysis, look it up. And another favorite of mine: Flight
Simulator X is coming with a patch the end of this year (hopefully!) to add
DX10 features.

Dustin Harper

Claudiu replied on 30-Mar-07 11:44 AM
I downloaded a card game from True Poker website. I cannot get it to run. I
get an error msg "True Poker is already running on this computor. If you
cannot run this program reboot your computor".
It is not working.
John Medley replied to Bonnie on 01-Aug-10 10:30 PM
I had exactly the same thing and I finally reinstalled  my original Graphics card software, and it all works fine, windows 7 must have installed what it thought was my card.